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Letter to Letterwinners

Letterwinners are among the most integral foundational pieces that constitute Lake Superior State Athletics. From 1946, when the first letter was awarded to present day these student-athletes share a bond that stands the test of time. All letter winners have experiences that can benefit current student athletes, on and off the field of play. The Lake Superior State Athletic Department is fostering this bond between current and former letter winners and growing the LSSU Athletic family as a whole.

LinkedIn pages have been created exclusive to the letterwinners of each of the 12 Laker varsity sports. The pages are intended to foster and grow a sense of community within Lake State Athletics. If you are a former student-athlete, please join this exclusive online community.

Letterwinners have an intimate understanding of what it means to be a LSSU student-athlete. Having previously walked in these shoes, letterwinners can share an understanding of how to succeed at a highly competitive level, comprehend the tests that come with being a student-athlete, and appreciate the challenges with the transition to life after the game. Moving forward, Laker Athletics is interested in establishing a formal mentoring program between current student-athletes and their respective team letterwinners. If you are interested in mentoring one of our current student-athletes, please call or email and make sure you follow your respective team on LinkedIn.