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Taffy Abel          


Clarence “Taffy” Abel Arena


The Taffy Abel Arena is a 4,000 seat hockey arena with an ice surface of 200’ by 85, that is used in a variety of ways at Lake Superior State University. In addition from being home to the Laker Hockey team, the arena hosts youth hockey games and practices, LSSU classes, community events, graduation and summer camps.

Taffy Abel was established in 1976, is the primer place for hockey in Sault Ste Marie. In 1995, the arena was renovated to its current size which happened after Laker Hockey won their fifth National Championship.

It was named after American ice hockey player Clarence “Taffy” Abel  who was born in Sault Ste. Marie. It is the only on-campus hockey arena in the United States which has a seating capacity greater than the enrollment of the school for which it's used.